Ms Tharina Coetzee – Speech or Language Therapist at Mediclinic Newcastle

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About Ms Tharina Coetzee – Speech or Language Therapist

Ms Tharina Coetzee is a qualified doctor who works at Mediclinic Newcastle as a Speech or Language Therapist.

Some Relevant Insights:

A Speech Therapist-Audiologist at Mediclinic is a specialized healthcare professional who combines expertise in both speech-language pathology and audiology to assess, diagnose, and treat communication disorders and hearing impairments. This unique combination allows them to provide comprehensive care for individuals across the lifespan with a variety of speech, language, hearing, and balance issues. Here’s a closer look at what they do:

Assessment and Diagnosis: They conduct thorough assessments to diagnose a wide range of communication disorders, including speech (articulation, fluency, voice) and language (receptive, expressive, and cognitive-communication) issues, as well as hearing impairments. This involves the use of standardized tests, observations, and specialized equipment to evaluate hearing, speech, language, and cognitive-communication skills.

Hearing Care: As part of their audiology training, speech therapist-audiologists identify, assess, and manage hearing loss and balance disorders. They can prescribe and fit hearing aids, provide auditory training, and recommend assistive listening devices to improve patients’ hearing and communication abilities.

Speech and Language Therapy: They develop and implement individualized therapy plans to address specific speech and language disorders. This may include exercises to improve articulation, language activities to enhance comprehension and expression, and strategies to address fluency disorders such as stuttering.

Aural Rehabilitation: For individuals with hearing loss, speech therapist-audiologists provide aural rehabilitation services, which are designed to optimize hearing aid use, improve listening skills, and facilitate better communication strategies for both the individual and their family.

Counseling and Education: They offer counseling to patients and their families regarding the nature of the communication or hearing disorder, the course of treatment, and strategies to support communication in daily life. Education about communication development, hearing conservation, and the use of hearing aids and other assistive devices is also provided.

Collaboration with Other Professionals: Speech therapist-audiologists often work as part of a multidisciplinary team, collaborating with teachers, physicians, occupational therapists, and psychologists to provide holistic care that addresses all aspects of an individual’s development and well-being.

Visiting a Speech Therapist-Audiologist at Mediclinic means receiving integrated care that addresses both the auditory and communicative aspects of health. Their dual expertise enables them to offer targeted interventions that enhance patients’ ability to communicate effectively and engage more fully with the world around them, improving their overall quality of life.

Ms Tharina Coetzee Qualifications and Accreditations

HPC Reg No: ST0002305

Practice No: 820010244724


2004 B (Speech, Lang & Hearing Therapy), University of Stellenbosch

Ms Tharina Coetzee’s Consultation Fees

Ms Tharina Coetzee’s Consultation Fees vary based on several factors, including the type of consultation (initial visit, follow-up, specialized treatment), the complexity of the medical issue being addressed, and whether the patient is covered by medical aid or paying in cash. Additionally, fees may differ for procedures or tests that are conducted during the consultation. Lastly, to ensure you have the most current information on Ms Tharina Coetzee’s consultation fee structure for both medical aid and cash patients, please use the contacts below to inquire about the latest rates.

Ms Tharina Coetzee Contacts

Tel: 082 7969495

Physical Address: 5 Ophir Road, Hutten Hieghts, Newcastle, 2940

Practice Location: Mediclinic Newcastle

Email Address:

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