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Welcome to My Medical Aid Doctor, South Africa’s premier healthcare portal. Our platform offers an extensive directory of hospitals and medical doctors across all provinces, catering to both private and public healthcare needs.

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  • Comprehensive Hospital Listings: Easily find private and public hospitals, complete with visiting hours and contact details.
  • Medical Doctors Directory: Access a broad list of professionals, searchable by specialty, location, or name, ensuring you find the right doctor for your needs.
  • Expert Specializations: Detailed doctor profiles provide insight into their expertise and the hospitals they are affiliated with, making your choice informed.
  • Updated Visiting Hours: Stay informed about hospital visiting schedules for hassle-free planning.

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My Medical Aid Doctor simplifies your search for reliable medical information and healthcare providers in South Africa. We aim to be your go-to resource for finding healthcare services and specialists, ensuring you have all the information needed for effective health management.

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