Mr Philip du Toit – Psychologist (Registered Counsellor) at Mediclinic Milnerton

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About Mr Philip du Toit – Psychologist (Registered Counsellor)

Mr Philip du Toit is a qualified doctor who works at Mediclinic Milnerton as a Psychologist (Registered Counsellor).

Some Relevant Insights:

A Registered Counsellor at Mediclinic is a psychology professional who provides short-term, supportive counseling and psychoeducational interventions aimed at enhancing mental health and addressing specific life challenges. Unlike clinical psychologists or psychiatrists who diagnose and treat mental illnesses, registered counsellors focus on providing immediate support to help individuals cope with everyday stressors, emotional issues, and life transitions. Here’s a closer look at what registered counsellors do:

Supportive Counseling: Registered counsellors offer supportive counseling sessions that focus on empowering individuals to manage their emotional well-being. They provide a safe, confidential space where clients can express their feelings and concerns, offering guidance and support to navigate life’s challenges.

Psychoeducation: They play a significant role in providing psychoeducation, which involves teaching clients about stress management, emotional health, coping strategies, and healthy lifestyle choices. This educational aspect helps clients understand their own behaviors and emotions, contributing to their overall well-being.

Crisis Intervention: In situations of immediate distress or crisis, registered counsellors provide timely intervention to help individuals stabilize their emotional state. They may offer strategies for managing acute stress, anxiety, or other emotional crises, ensuring clients receive the support they need when they need it most.

Life Skills and Coping Strategies: Registered counsellors assist clients in developing life skills and coping strategies that improve their ability to deal with stress, make decisions, and solve problems. This includes building resilience, enhancing communication skills, and promoting positive relationship dynamics.

Referral Services: When clients present issues that require specialized or long-term treatment, registered counsellors can facilitate referrals to other mental health professionals, such as clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, or social workers. This ensures that clients receive comprehensive care tailored to their specific needs.

Community Work and Outreach: Many registered counsellors are involved in community work and outreach programs, providing workshops, group sessions, and educational seminars aimed at promoting mental health awareness and supporting community well-being.

Visiting a Registered Counsellor at Mediclinic means accessing professional support focused on improving mental health, enhancing coping skills, and navigating life’s challenges more effectively. Their approach is centered on providing immediate, practical support and education, helping individuals achieve a better understanding of their emotional health and fostering positive change in their lives.

Mr Philip du Toit Qualifications and Accreditations

HPC Reg No: PRC0014010

Practice No: 810000430382


2010 Hons BA (Psychology), University of South Africa

Mr Philip du Toit’s Consultation Fees

Mr Philip du Toit’s Consultation Fees vary based on several factors, including the type of consultation (initial visit, follow-up, specialized treatment), the complexity of the medical issue being addressed, and whether the patient is covered by medical aid or paying in cash. Additionally, fees may differ for procedures or tests that are conducted during the consultation. Lastly, to ensure you have the most current information on Mr Philip du Toit’s consultation fee structure for both medical aid and cash patients, please use the contacts below to inquire about the latest rates.

Mr Philip du Toit Contacts

Tel: 021 8518003

Physical Address: Annex 117, Mediclinic Milnerton, Cnr Koeberg & Racecourse Road, Milnerton, 7441

Practice Location: Mediclinic Milnerton

Email Address:

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