On this page you will find all important information for Mediclinic Durbanville Day Clinic, such as: List of Doctors and Specialists, Contacts Information, Visiting Hours, how to apply for Vacancies, and more.

About and History of Mediclinic Durbanville Day Clinic

Opened on 1 June 2015, Mediclinic Durbanville Day Clinic is situated in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and is the first day hospital to be launched by Mediclinic Southern Africa. The day clinic accommodates planned, minor procedures that allow for admission and discharge on the same day, providing the same quality of patient care.

Visiting Hours at Mediclinic Durbanville Day Clinic

Please note that visiting hours at Mediclinic Durbanville Day Clinic can possibly change at short notice and this is at the discretion of each hospital, dependent on the local COVID-19 situation and advice from hospital management and doctor COVID committees. To make sure you got the visiting hours 100% correct, please phone +2727219802135.

List of Doctors at Mediclinic Durbanville Day Clinic

Mediclinic Durbanville Day Clinic has great and trusted medical doctors and specialists around Johannesburg. Choosing a perfect doctor is a personal decision based on many characteristics. It is essential to find a good doctor because your time, health, and money are on the line everytime you are sick. However, your definition of “great” will differ from the next person’s, so know what it is you are looking for.

Contact Information

  • Telephone: +2727219802135
  • Address for Directions: 45 Wellington Road,
    Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550
  • Website: https://www.mediclinic.co.za/en/durbanville-day-clinic/home.html
  • Email:

Applying for Vacancies at Mediclinic Durbanville Day Clinic

Mediclinic Durbanville Day Clinic employs Nurses, Doctors, Secretaries, Receptionists, Cleaners, and Admin Staff to fill vacant positions. If you would like to submit your CV, please visit the website, which is: https://www.mediclinic.co.za/en/durbanville-day-clinic/home.html , and navigate to careers or vacancies section.



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