Dr Robbie de Muelenaere – Oncologist (Radiation Oncologist) at Mediclinic Muelmed

On this page, you will find information about Dr Robbie de Muelenaere – Oncologist (Radiation Oncologist) at Mediclinic Muelmed.

About Dr Robbie de Muelenaere – Oncologist (Radiation Oncologist)

Dr Robbie de Muelenaere is a qualified doctor who works at Mediclinic Muelmed as a Oncologist (Radiation Oncologist).

Some Relevant Insights:

A Radiation Oncologist at Mediclinic is a specialist who uses radiation therapy to treat cancer and some non-cancerous tumors. Radiation oncology is one of the three primary specialties, along with medical and surgical oncology, involved in cancer treatment. Here’s what their role involves:

Expertise in Radiation Therapy: Radiation oncologists specialize in prescribing and overseeing radiation treatments. They determine the appropriate type and dose of radiation, targeting the cancer while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissues. Their goal is to destroy cancer cells, reduce tumors, and control cancer growth with precision.

Tailored Treatment Plans: Each patient’s treatment plan is customized based on the type, location, and stage of cancer, as well as the patient’s overall health. Radiation oncologists work closely with medical physicists and dosimetrists to plan and calculate the precise dose of radiation to be delivered.

Collaborative Cancer Care: Radiation oncologists are key members of a multidisciplinary cancer care team, which may include medical oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, and nursing staff. This team approach ensures comprehensive care, with specialists collaborating to decide the best treatment strategy for each patient.

Advanced Technology: They utilize advanced technologies such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), and proton therapy, among others. These technologies allow for highly targeted radiation doses that maximize the impact on the tumor while protecting healthy tissues.

Support and Follow-Up Care: Radiation oncologists also provide supportive care to manage side effects of radiation therapy. They monitor patients’ responses to treatment, adjusting plans as necessary, and provide follow-up care to assess long-term outcomes and address any late effects of treatment.

Consulting a Radiation Oncologist at Mediclinic means accessing specialized care that utilizes advanced technology to treat cancer effectively. Their expertise not only focuses on delivering targeted treatment but also encompasses a compassionate approach to support patients through their cancer journey, aiming for the best possible outcomes while managing the side effects of radiation therapy.

Dr Robbie de Muelenaere Qualifications and Accreditations

HPC Reg No: MP0244902

Practice No: 400004000080


1981 MBChB, University of Pretoria

1989 MMED (RAD T), University of Pretoria

1989 GF RAD T, Colleges of Medicine, SA

Dr Robbie de Muelenaere’s Consultation Fees

Dr Robbie de Muelenaere’s Consultation Fees vary based on several factors, including the type of consultation (initial visit, follow-up, specialized treatment), the complexity of the medical issue being addressed, and whether the patient is covered by medical aid or paying in cash. Additionally, fees may differ for procedures or tests that are conducted during the consultation. Lastly, to ensure you have the most current information on Dr Robbie de Muelenaere’s consultation fee structure for both medical aid and cash patients, please use the contacts below to inquire about the latest rates.

Dr Robbie de Muelenaere Contacts

Tel: 012 4408089

Physical Address: Mediclinic Muelmed, 577 Pretorius Street, Arcadia, 0083

Practice Location: Mediclinic Muelmed

Email Address:

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