Dr Farai Dube – Cardiologist Physician (Internal Medicine) at Mediclinic Morningside Mediclinic Sandton

On this page, you will find information about Dr Farai Dube – Cardiologist
Physician (Internal Medicine) at Mediclinic Morningside
Mediclinic Sandton.

About Dr Farai Dube – Cardiologist
Physician (Internal Medicine)

Dr Farai Dube is a qualified doctor who works at Mediclinic Morningside
Mediclinic Sandton as a Cardiologist
Physician (Internal Medicine).

Some Relevant Insights:

Let’s dive into what seeing a Physician (Internal Medicine) at Mediclinic involves. These specialists, also known as internists, are experts in adult medicine, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting adults. Here’s what you need to know:

Broad Expertise: Internal Medicine Physicians have a broad knowledge base, allowing them to diagnose and manage a wide range of conditions affecting the body. They are particularly adept at treating complex cases where multiple conditions may affect a patient simultaneously.

Preventive Care and Health Maintenance: An essential part of their role is to provide preventive care, including regular health screenings and discussions about lifestyle choices to help prevent diseases before they start. They can guide you on nutrition, exercise, and healthy habits tailored to your specific health needs.

Management of Chronic Conditions: Internists are skilled in managing chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and chronic lung conditions. They work closely with patients over time to control these conditions, adjust treatments as needed, and minimize potential complications.

Diagnostic Experts: When you have undiagnosed symptoms, an internist is often the detective who will piece together the puzzle. They use their broad knowledge and diagnostic tests to identify the root cause of your symptoms and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Coordinating Care: If your condition requires specialized care, an internal medicine physician can coordinate and consult with specialists to ensure you receive comprehensive care. They act as the central point in managing your overall health, keeping track of treatments from different specialists to avoid overlaps and complications.

Visiting a Physician (Internal Medicine) at Mediclinic is about more than just addressing immediate health concerns; it’s about establishing a long-term relationship with a healthcare provider who understands your health history, needs, and goals. They’re your primary go-to for a wide range of health issues, offering continuous care and expert guidance to help you maintain optimal health throughout adulthood.

Dr Farai Dube Qualifications and Accreditations

HPC Reg No: MP0581275

Practice No: 180000537381


2002 MBChB, University of Transkei

2006 Dip HIV Management (SA), Colleges of Medicine

2013 FCP (SA), Colleges of Medicine

Dr Farai Dube’s Consultation Fees

Dr Farai Dube’s Consultation Fees vary based on several factors, including the type of consultation (initial visit, follow-up, specialized treatment), the complexity of the medical issue being addressed, and whether the patient is covered by medical aid or paying in cash. Additionally, fees may differ for procedures or tests that are conducted during the consultation. Lastly, to ensure you have the most current information on Dr Farai Dube’s consultation fee structure for both medical aid and cash patients, please use the contacts below to inquire about the latest rates.

Dr Farai Dube Contacts

Tel: 0118830266 / 0112825049

Physical Address: Suite 224, Cnr Hill & Rivonia Road, Morningside, 2196

Practice Location: Mediclinic Morningside
Mediclinic Sandton

Email Address: info@sandtonheartinc.co.za

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