Dr Van Rooy E – Anaesthetists in Pretoria

Dr Van Rooy E – Anaesthetists in Pretoria: This is a page about Dr Van Rooy E, which includes practice location address, contact information for appointment booking and specialisation.

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What does Dr Van Rooy E specialises on?

Dr Van Rooy E is a qualified and a reccommended doctor in Anaesthetists.

Learn a bit about what Anaesthetists is all about

Anaesthetists are specialist doctors who are responsible for providing anaesthesia to patients for operations and procedures. In addition anaesthetists have a range of practice which extends beyond anaesthesia for surgery to include pain management and intensive care. Regional anesthetic – Regional anesthetic numbs a specific portion of the body. Cesarean sections are done with a regional anesthetic.
Local anesthetic – A local anesthetic blocks sensations in small areas. Dentists use local anesthesia when numbing a jaw or gums.
General anesthetic – A general anesthetic renders the patient unconscious.

What do they do?

Administer the appropriate anesthetic.
Continuously monitor vital signs including pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and respiration.
Control IV for intravenous fluids which control dehydration and allows the administration of medications through the drip.
Ensure the safety of the patient and take appropriate steps to avoid any injuries to the patient’s body during the anesthetic period.
Manage any anesthetic complications.
Monitor the level and depth of anesthesia; make adjustments as needed.
Perform blood transfusions when necessary.
Recognize potentially life-threatening emergencies and perform timely interventions.

When to see the Doctor

When you are a bout to have a surgery an anaesthetist will be very useful in the process. Surgery would be a far more unpleasant experience if it weren’t for anesthesiologists. These specialists give you medicine to prevent pain and, if necessary, make sure you sleep through your procedure.

Where is Dr Van Rooy E Located?

Dr Van Rooy E is located in Zambezi Country Estate Pretoria Gauteng.

The Practice Number for Dr Van Rooy E is:  0756857.

How to book an appointment with Dr Van Rooy E?

In order to book an appointment with Dr Van Rooy E, please call: 012 – 5486949

Contact Details:

  • 1501 Yellowlegs Street
  • 0182

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