Dr Van Niekerk F J – Cardiologist in Pretoria

Dr Van Niekerk F J – Cardiologist in Pretoria: This is a page about Dr Van Niekerk F J, which includes practice location address, contact information for appointment booking and specialisation.

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What does Dr Van Niekerk F J specialises on?

Dr Van Niekerk F J is a qualified and a reccommended doctor in Cardiologist.

Learn a bit about what Cardiologist is all about

A cardiologist is a physician who specializes in finding, treating, and preventing diseases that affect the heart, the arteries, and the veins.
They research, diagnose and treat conditions such as blockages, heart injuries, and diseases, and keep their eye on other factors such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

What do they do?

A cardiologist specializes in finding, preventing and treating the diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular diseases). The diseases are:

Heart attack
Heart failure
High blood pressure
Arrhythmias (abnormalities of heart rhythm)
Heart valve problems
Infections of the heart
A cardiologist may see their patients in their office or a hospital. They may:

Perform a physical examination
Order tests like blood tests, electrocardiogram (ECG), exercise stress test or imaging studies of the heart
Understand and interpret test results to diagnose a medical condition a patient may have
Prescribe treatment for a patient’s health conditions
Advise lifestyle changes, such as modifications in diet, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress and regular physical activity
Provide counseling to prevent heart diseases
Perform some procedures like cardiac catheterization or implant a pacemaker
Refer you to a heart surgeon or an interventional cardiologist when necessary
Some cardiologists may also teach at universities and do research that may help create new treatments and diagnostic approaches for heart problems.

When to see the Doctor

Symptoms that can indicate a heart problem include:

shortness of breath
chest pains
changes in heart rate or rhythm
high blood pressure

Where is Dr Van Niekerk F J Located?

Dr Van Niekerk F J is located in Muckleneuk Pretoria Gauteng.

The Practice Number for Dr Van Niekerk F J is:  2100940.

How to book an appointment with Dr Van Niekerk F J?

In order to book an appointment with Dr Van Niekerk F J, please call: 012 – 3430980

Contact Details:

  • Suite 421 Bourke Street
  • Suite 214 Zah Consulting Rooms
  • 0002

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